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  1. Jinn Kyja

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    Not silver any more, and not a machine (yet) but I have the great pleasure to unveil The Silver Machine, aka The Bendy Rack.

    This isn't a proper post, I'll no doubt make 100 edits in the wee hours, but I'm excited to finally get a few pics up.
    They're plop pics too, sorry - I think my phone struggles to focus on low battery. I had to stop when the flash quit.

    Tubes need a trim

    Correct tube height
    Don't look too closely at the rungs, I need to trim a bit and/or add a spacer bar.

    For travelling

    Start of the EDITS:

    She's a 12x 25mm + 18x 2omm rack, fully collapsible with a patented loading method and she goes from 0 - 60 in don't be daft, she isn't really a machine.

    Holes are 10cm apart for the 25mm rung, 6 for the 20mm.
    One note: Novas are 7.5 cm diameter, not 10 as suggested on the site, but I didn't think I'd ever need more than a dozen.
    Plus, the gaps in the tubes lined up in a good place to split into 3 sections.
    All sounds so simple, doesn't it?
    I'm plop at this sort of thing, as you'd be able to see if only I wasn't also plop at taking pictures.

    The bottom Nova rung has 20mm holes full depth and 25 half depth to hold the tubes, but the stick touches the ground.
    The bottom hawk 20mm are only half depth, so the stick sits on the wood.

    The tubes are (or will be) 66cm for the Novas (I already have some done) but the 20mm tubes are in two parts, not just for transporting but also to aid loading.
    I'll feed the top half onto a stick before inserting them both into the top rung 20mm-ish deep.

    That's about as detailed as I can get, I think, but I'll answer any questions, obvs.

    The build:
    I found a pair of legs behind the BBQ and thought they'd make a decent rack, for a short person.
    I had no idea where they came from, maybe one of the field fires we used to have before the council clamped down, but my mum recognised them as some bookshelves we had in Germany, so 40+ years old.
    The original butterfly nuts were a bit small so the first step was making the holes bigger. I don't know what kind of wood they're made from but it's tough as anything to drill through.
    Then I found some of that magic paint-over-rust stuff, but I'm regretting that because I'm not so keen on the plasticy gloss finish. Ah well.

    The long plastic holes:
    I got the wrong plastic.
    I used a Cube Glock for guesstimating, because I didn't have any Novas. First mistake.
    I got 20mm conduit from screwfix, [Item 70541, £1.09 for 2m black] but then at the last meet I actually found a Nova stick on the way back to the car.
    My first (and only) bit of luck!
    Except it didn't fit.
    Novas don't like 20mm tubes, they are just annoyingly tight.
    Nova stick measurements (SPOILER: 13mm-ish)

    Back for 25mm from Screwfix, item 46738, £1.69 for 2m black.
    BUT !
    If you're buying Novas to go in your Nova tubes, don't bother buying tubes, you get enough included, which is a nice touch this year.
    I found this out too late, obviously.

    The wood:
    I got the wrong wood.
    A lot of it. And often.
    25 x 38 x 2400 (1" x 1.5" x lots', old money fans), £2.50summat, from B&Q. Could SHOULD have got an 8 pack, cheaper.

    Everyone else seems to be using the good looking stuff, but I went for treated, even though I'd be drilling half of that away. I was going to treat the holes again afterwards, but then I found out the black treatment is £32 a tin, so maybe not this year, or at all, ever.

    One early false start had aluminium tape hiding my poor drill work, hence the Silver part of the name.
    It was this false start that saw me get impatient and chop what I had in half, and the idea of a collapsible rack was born. Then the idea of 2 nice long rungs came back. Then I wanted to bend it again. All of these to and fro's were mocked up in the heat of the moment so I've actually destroyed a small forest by now.
    Did I mention I'm plop at making stuff?

    So I decided on bendy, had a decent mock up with not just one but two bends, then I didn't like how the War Hawks sat.
    With the stick on the ground a Hawk is way too low for my liking, and I'm a runt.
    If it fails to launch there's a chance the plop that doesn't run down my legs will go up under my visor.
    This is when I found out that once you drill a hole it stays drilled. I could have added a stop to the bottom but I figured I might as well start over because there was another problem anyway.

    If I used the full width as it was, I'd struggle to bolt it on without trapping my delicate little fingers.
    Yep, I found that out by trapping my delicate little fingers and getting a blood blister to remind me.

    Could not find my hinges, apart from some old odds and sods for the mocks, so another delay whilst I wait for hinges.
    [Filling my time waiting for hinges is when my garden was invaded by a gang of snotty kids and I almost got mugged for my phone, but that's for another thread, I guess - they definitely are NOT allied with the Doggers though, so hmmm.]
    Mock up had 10cm hinges so I went and got 4x 10cm black from Toolstation, not realizing they'd be heavy duty and the flaps would be bigger.
    Back for 75mm, which fit perfectly on 1".

    Thank the Pyro Gods that's over.

    I haven't mentioned the trip to Screwfix for a 20 mil wood bit and some 8m bolts, the trip to screwfix for a 25mil wood bit and some longer 8m bolts, or the trip to screwfix to pick up what they didn't have in stock the day before.
    There's been a couple of trips to Toolstation and I think 4 to B&Q, all told.

    Found out my neighbour's kid works at one of the places. I say kid, he has a kid of his own.
    Gave him a list of 5 things, 2 were out of stock.
    Offered him a lift home, he'd rather walk. Uphill. Hmmm.
    Go back the next day, he's only ordered 1 of the 2 anyway.
    Nice kid.

    Note for Nigel: If you ever buy a car from that garage on Ripon Road, don't go round the back on Ripon Way by mistake, it's the next entrance.
    Potholes the size of a Brocade War.
    Saw they had a nice Rolls Summat (hey, it was black and silver) in the workshop but I don't think they have to drive them out that way, it would be criminal.

    End of EDIT, where we are now:
    I'll cut the white tubes down tomorrow, trim all the top half of the 20mm and I've got a few things to add later this week.
    I'm trying to work out if I can be bothered to drill a third set of holes in the legs, or attach a crosspiece, so I can use the aborted hawk rung as a flat top rung that I can staple fast visco to.
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  2. Krony

    Krony Galactic Firework Addict Competition Meet 2018 Champion

    Very nice! love the black tubes.
  3. Jinn Kyja

    Jinn Kyja Super Moderator Competition Meet 2018 Champion

    Put the black tubes in and added an accessory basket for my accessories.
    I'm 3 black tubes short because the plan at the time of purchasing was for just 10 tubes with white outers for visibility.


    Focus is still plop sorry, so I'll spare you the rest, but I now think I need to clean the lens or something 'cos the battery was fine.

    Still got a few bits to add but nothing practical, so I think I'm gonna call her done.
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  4. Krony

    Krony Galactic Firework Addict Competition Meet 2018 Champion

    Nice basket to keep hold of the mallets you tend to lose.
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  5. martywolfman

    martywolfman Galactic Firework Addict Competition Meet 2018 Champion

    Did that come off the front of your bike?
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  6. Jinn Kyja

    Jinn Kyja Super Moderator Competition Meet 2018 Champion

    One of mum's many racing buggies.
    It doesn't fit in the tub for travelling so probably won't use it, but it saved me bending over.

    I don't think it's from either of these so it must be from one of the three in the junk (pyro) room or the one on the decking.
    So. Many. Buggies.
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  7. martywolfman

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    Don't try and pretend you don't take them out for a spin now and then.
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  8. Jinn Kyja

    Jinn Kyja Super Moderator Competition Meet 2018 Champion

    I have to be honest and say I've actually 'used' them more than mum has, just within the shed, lol.

    She's scared of the big one, she got trapped down the side of the house the first and only time she used it. :facepalm:
    The Transformer one on the left is the latest, she must have been on it 3 or 4 times max.
    It's a twist-and-go but there isn't much twisting, it's pretty much full on or nothing.
    I'm not convinced she'll enjoy this one either tbh, but the self-foldy-uppy/downy-ness is cool. Hmmm.

    Sort-of-related Jinn Kyja Top Tip:
    Instead of covering your pyro, dust sheets could be used to protect stuff from dust.
    Say the dust created by drilling 100s of holes for a rocket rack.
    You could pick some more up on any of your many visits to Toolstation.
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  9. Pyro Joe

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    That's ace lol
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  10. martywolfman

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    That's brilliant :D
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  11. Jinn Kyja

    Jinn Kyja Super Moderator Competition Meet 2018 Champion

    I thought she deserved a nameplate, but there was a 'cock up' at the nameplate factory.
    They obviously used the first line of the delivery address by mistake.


    She was always The Silver Machine, even before I had the somewhat unconventional idea of making her spin.
    It was PURE FLUKE that the silver spinny frame fits PERFECTLY.

    But I have to say - it was a crazy bonkers idea for plops and giggles.
    All talk of 'balancing thrust' and actually doing this for realz is just not feasible - Well, not in my garden.

    EDIT: The observant will notice 2 whole other foldy-rungs to the left. They're the mocks.
    The hawk one will be turned into a rung with no upper tubes so I can staple quick visco to it, for use as a Volley Rung.

    A couple of the deleted OOF pics were deemed unsuitable by S, because they showed my Tip Run Staging Point, but I'm rather proud of it.

    I'm proud that I didn't dump my niece's chair on the field just for plops and giggles in the Dogger thread when that dreadful art installation turned up.
    I'm even more proud of the twig that I snapped off but got to root. It's not going to the tip, I just potted it.
    But I'm most proud of these:

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