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The Cheapest Way To Buy From Galactic Fireworks

Discussion in 'Let's Talk Fireworks!' started by James, Mar 7, 2019.

  1. James

    James Administrator Staff Member

    I just wanted to make a post explaining the various ways you can buy from us at Galactic Fireworks. Hopefully to make things a little simpler for the newcomer.

    1. Directly through the website. Don't forget as a forum member you're eligible to sign up as a 'Gold Customer' this means that all the prices across the board will be reduced by 10-20% Sign up to get your wonderful Gold prices here.
    2. Sale Day. This is the cheapest time of the year to buy fireworks, bar none. The first weekend of September every year you will find without a shadow of a doubt the biggest pyro bargains in the country. All the prices both on our website and in our shops are reduced to allow you to pick and choose what you'd like to buy and unbeatable prices. These prices will also be cheaper than your standard Gold prices.
    3. Auctions. Throughout September and October we run our normal Monday Night Quiz and Auction evenings here on our very own forum. These tend to be great fun and you can win free fireworks on our quiz an there are always bargains to be had on the auction. Sometimes you can find rare and obscure pieces we don't sell on here too! Find information on upcoming Monday Nights here.
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  2. Big K

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