Splitter - Most Beautiful Cake 2017?

Discussion in 'Giant Cakes' started by Simon Weir, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. Simon Weir

    Simon Weir Galactic Firework Addict

    I have to say I have heard mixed reviews about this cake ... some concerns about fusing, but please view the following video at 07:11 and tell me this isn't a real stunner. I am a complete advocate of Celtic but I would swap a Slow then Go for a Splitter in any show, I think it is that good.
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  2. Krony

    Krony Galactic Firework Addict Competition Meet 2018 Champion

    It is nice, i do prefer single colours for crossettes, i wish someone like Celtic would make some single colour fanned crossette cakes in a few different colours, even Bright Star doing single colour Stingers would be a nice addition so you can pick and choose and mix them accordingly, don't really see this much outside of cat 4 stuff.
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  3. supercarnigel

    supercarnigel Pyro-King Staff Member

    Yes I feel I have to agree that I have preferred Splitter over Slow the Go mainly as it goes much higher
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  4. Arnside Fireworks

    Arnside Fireworks Galactic Fireworks Forum Member

    Both look classy. Love the fan on STG .
  5. pyrojim

    pyrojim Galactic Firework Addict

    slow then go for me....as i love zero to 60
  6. Fleascool

    Fleascool Galactic Firework Addict

    I do love a stinger and a slow then go......
  7. Krony

    Krony Galactic Firework Addict Competition Meet 2018 Champion

    A ring sting?
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