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Discussion in 'Team 4' started by monstu, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. monstu

    monstu Guest

    please take a look at the attached file.

    this is a rough sketch so we can look at how we want to arrange our display for 2012.

    look forward to your thoughts.
  2. monstu

    monstu Guest

    hi dan

    i know that nigel had a delivery of Magical palms on the 29th December from brothers.

    heavy duty is a prob,didn't you have to beg steal and borrow to get the two off epic for the last meet.

    would be nice to have the heavy duties.

    good idea about the stock list, if the Galactic website shows a firework it is normally in stock.
  3. DanTheMan

    DanTheMan Guest

    Did they change the duration thought it was suppost to be 3 to 5 mins were at 7?
  4. monstu

    monstu Guest

    i think as guide it was 5 mins, our will go a little faster than the 7 mins as we will over lap the fireworks when firing.

    i suppose there is a danger the magical palms may over shadow the herc, but i dont think so, as they are shorter duration and really only one effect.

    we could drop the magical palms and l have two hercs. i am little worried about the herc as i think quite a lot of teams will use it, this was the thinking with the magical palms before the herc.

    i will play around with the finale so we accomodate two TF's.

    Think we should keep the spread due to its excellent Fan. what do you think?
  5. DanTheMan

    DanTheMan Guest

    taking my posts off here stu/menshun as I think there may be a way of seeing it, lets just stick to email/phone and pm lads!!
  6. DanTheMan

    DanTheMan Guest

    my head is spinning
  7. berry1

    berry1 Guest

    Just an update Nigel has only 1 Thunderking and 1 crazy horses left.
  8. DanTheMan

    DanTheMan Guest

    Stu are we not bothering with rockets? Forgot them!
  9. monstu

    monstu Guest

    as per the call the dan, working on the new list.
  10. DanTheMan

    DanTheMan Guest

    taking my posts off here stu/menshun as I think there may be a way of seeing it, lets just stick to email/phone and pm lads!!

    ok I'll wait 4 it, cheers.
  11. berry1

    berry1 Guest

    This section is fully safe many of teams are using there sections.
  12. monstu

    monstu Guest

    our finalised list has been sent to you callum via pm.
  13. Menshun

    Menshun Galactic Firework Enthusiast

    the sections are only unsecure if PW is leaked out and i don't see anyone doing so here ?
  14. berry1

    berry1 Guest

    Lets not forget Paul, Nigel and James can see every PM we send so if anyone does leak passwords or information out then i will make sure they are banned permanently.

    Can i suggest that you speak to your team Menshun asap and start replying to Pms.
  15. monstu

    monstu Guest

    I agree Callum, Dan & i have not received any contact from menshun, we have both pm'd him with no response at all.

    We Value your contribution to team 4 menshun, but your lack of support at present leads me to believe your place, could go to someone who really wants it.

    This is a brilliant opportunity and the chance to meet some fine people in April, if you feel you cannot add to the team i will respect your decision to withdraw and give some one else a chance.

    i will say as team captain i welcome a decision from you by tomorrow evening. i do not want to be harsh but if there is no reply i will request that callum remove you from team 4.

    look forward to you reply.

  16. berry1

    berry1 Guest

    As Team 4's captain Stu it is ultimately down to you to make this decision and i support and agree with everything you have said. Menshun Stu and Dan are giving you a chance here more than i would have give if i was captain in Team 4.

    Lack of communication is a terrible dissadvantage to a team especially when your oponents are always planning and discussing. It does not take much to reply to a PM its one of the simplest things and is a must with any and every team.

    I look forward to seeing a response from you Menshun but the lack of emphusiasm is worrying.
  17. DanTheMan

    DanTheMan Guest

    From my point of view Menshun has not taken any active part in the competition even though he put his name forward, he's been on the forum since but still has had no contact with myself or Stu, maybe he has decided he doesn't like us Stu!

    So as team 4s list is already decided/paid for and given in, due to no contact from Menshun I dont see much point to him being on our team at all, where's the fun now all the decissions have been made and finished.

    To be honest its been a real let down by Menshun if only he had gotten involved and contacted us or chatted in team 4s secret chat box.
    I just hope it wasn't a money thing as something could and would have been sorted out.

    To close he has let himself down not to mention his team mates moreover he's tarnished his reputation on this forum and in my view and that's a sad thing indeed.
  18. Menshun

    Menshun Galactic Firework Enthusiast

    theres been a reason i haven't posted in here guys or posted very rarely the past few days you know i do my charity events every year and the local councillor has decided shut me down :(

    ive been kinda preoccupied trying to get it back up and running and for this reason im respectively going to pull out of this event as a team member due to the fact i would feel gutted to let the charitys my annual event supports down by not fighting their case and trying to get the event back on plan

    if you guys want more info on this just let me know but basics are

    new councillor
    shuts my event down
    i ask to respectively pull out so i can fight mine and the charitys case as i do not want to let them down

    and again sorry guys for lack of communication on the subject just has been a hectic week trying to get this event back up and running

    still hope its ok for me to turn up although im not in a team ??
  19. monstu

    monstu Guest


    Thank you very much for the reply, this is much appreciated.

    it certainly appears you have a lot on your plate at the moment, and the team 4 planning has come at a time where you cannot fully commit to it.

    I appreciate your honesty and look forward to meeting with you at the April meet and sharing a beer or two after the displays.

    I wish you the best of luck for your charity event and if there is anything i can do help drop me a PM.
  20. berry1

    berry1 Guest

    Ok do we have our final timings and firing order decided on?.

  21. berry1

    berry1 Guest

    Feck ive just realised you guys have priced by the retail not the Galactic normal retail. That means the prices go from the prices of the pyro on the Galactic website at the minute not the retail price.

    This means the list of fireworks comes to 336 pound not 445 pound so get your thinking caps on team :confused:unflower:.

    Proper prices...

    Brothers Starring x 2 £14
    Brothers Siren Call £14
    Brothers crazy crowns £10
    Bothers Fanfare £30
    Brothers Magical Palms £40
    Brothers Vendetta £38
    Royal Party Spread £50
    Brothers Hercules 1 x 2 £140

    total of £336

    How about we throw in some King-Doms or some volleys of Extreme machines or Mega blasters.

    The king-Doms would create some high effects that the cakes cant reach. Mega blasts or Extreme machines would be cheap and could be fired in volleys.

    Dark angel and Open fire 2 are some good cakes or even Regal for 20 pound frigging excellent especially in pairs.

    Just some ideas thrown out there.
  22. monstu

    monstu Guest

    Are you sure this is right berry, i thought we had to price via the Recemmended retail price.

    Can you check with nigel do not want to get excited that we have some more cash to spend when in reality we don't.

    no timing or firing list done at present we thought the list was more important so we can reserve our fireworks ASAP.
  23. berry1

    berry1 Guest

    Im 100% sure Stu, we price by Galactics sale price so no forum offers or pick up only offers apply. All teams are pricing by the Galactic sale price mate.
  24. monstu

    monstu Guest

    well happy days, we have some extra dosh, woohoo

    will treak the list later at home and post up the results.

    do you have any pieces you would like to add to the list??
  25. berry1

    berry1 Guest

    Im easy going with what fireworks you add mate but some Kings, King-doms or even Mega Blaster rockets would give some hight to the display.

    Regal is also fabulous for 19.99 but as i said im real easy going with it all mate.

    I was just looking over the list last night and thought mmmm! im sure staring aint 18 for 2 then it clicked about the pricing lol.
  26. monstu

    monstu Guest

    nigel has no regals unfortunately, judge wanted to reserve 4 last night and there are none.

    working on the revised list now

    callum can you pm me your email address so i can send the spread sheet to you, hassle uploading to the thread as the upload limit is very limited
  27. berry1

    berry1 Guest

    o_O lol sounds good mate heres my email... ... Thanks Stu.
  28. monstu

    monstu Guest

    Evening guys, mail sent with the new list
  29. berry1

    berry1 Guest

    Hello team hope you and Dan are ok?... Got the list and replied mate.

  30. berry1

    berry1 Guest

    And Team dont worry ive not forgot about the 75 pound to pay you guys back. Ive got 40 pound of old rockets off Chris for the meet ontop of the ones hes donating.

    So give me a few weeks and ill get the money to yous :nod:.

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