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    "The word genius... like unblowupable... is thrown around a lot these days...." KABOOM!!! (see Simpsons Christmas episode She of Little Faith - model rocket scene).....

    I'm feeling a bit smug.

    How do you build a fanned rocket rack to fire 70-100 rockets for £7.85 ? ? ?

    a.jpg b.jpg c.jpg d.jpg e.jpg

    Well first of all you don't count the cost of tubes and cable ties and wooden stakes if you already have them.

    Then you buy one sheet of 3mm hardboard and get it diced into 18 400x400mm squares. And that's it.

    Apart from marking out some holes to drill. Then if happy with the angles, it takes mere minutes to use one square as a template and replicate the rest.

    The set-up can be left flat-packed - one stack of board, one bundle of tubes and one bundle of stakes.
    Or if really bothered, you could leave enough space between tubes to turn pairs or racks in on themselves to condense storage.

    One stake in the ground, one cable tie in the centre, nothing's going anywhere, it can't shift.
    If the stake went spectator side and the cable tie snapped in the cold, say, the board would fall away.

    I'm almost tempted to use 100mm foil tape all over them to increase fire and waterproof qualities! But I'm a little concerned about a load of metallic surfaces alongside a Cobra field module. That said, I'm going totally anal this year and have 3m antennae extensions to erect! (Erect and Anal in one sentence there folks!!!)

    All I need to decide now is whether I want to fan my rockets at all, and by how much.
    I know it is said it can't be done, but the only time I've used rockets is at home, they've always been angled away, and always have flown away. Also I'm not sure I've ever seen a rocket turn upwards, only ever curve more horizontal if fired at an angle. Either way, my prototype matches my 8 and 20 degree cake/candle racks, but I fear the angles might be a bit overkill for rockets. What do you think?
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    Nice simple cheap idea that looks like it could work well.
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    Awesome idea that.

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