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Discussion in 'Firework Reviews' started by pyrojim, Oct 23, 2016.

  1. pyrojim

    pyrojim Galactic Firework Addict

    Hi Ladies and Gents ,

    Just wanted to post a few fireworks that to me were a must have :10:

    The Supa Nova rockets - amazing
    The Glittering Prize - which i fired in pairs - Sky filling
    2 x Dark Angels with a Screaming Serpants up the middle - fantastic ( tho watch the timing )
    started with 3 x Diamond mines - always a winner
    3 x Hercules to end the first half - WOW - still a legend
    War Hawk rockets - still the best rocket for the price
    The linked FX - amazing tho fire them seperatly as the delay would be long otherwise - 3 fantastic cakes in this set
    The Brothers Choice pack is always a winner - fired in pairs - love it
    the Jorge cakes are very loud and sky filling - loved those
    2 x 70 shot Diamonds - goes without saying - one of the best fireworks you can buy
    Glittering diadems - massive effects from these babies
    The Tardis and Big Daddy cakes are amazing - you need at least one of these

    Well i may have missed a few , but one regret.......

    wish i had bought 3 x Real Steel as that is growing on me all the time

    Hope this is of some help for you pyro nutters

    take care and enjoy


    ps ; 2 x Crackonite with a PS 1 up the middle - blew the sky
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  2. Simon Weir

    Simon Weir Galactic Firework Addict

    Any video to share? We all know these fireworks really well, but we still enjoy seeing how everyone fires them to get ideas for different combos or running order.
  3. pyrojim

    pyrojim Galactic Firework Addict

    Working on it Simon

    i think some was recorded

    Love to share it was the dogs gonads

  4. supercarnigel

    supercarnigel Pyro-King Staff Member

    Thanks Jim for sharing with us all :)

    It all sounds amazing.

    Lots of love to both you and shez x x x
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  5. Top Gun Tony

    Top Gun Tony Galactic Firework Guru

    Jim......You're F******G Mental.......!!!!

    Please don't ever change.....!!!!:):)
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