Pyro Meet & Chinese - 3rd Dec

Discussion in '3rd December Meet Up' started by supercarnigel, Nov 10, 2011.

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  1. The Judge

    The Judge Guest

    I'll bring my last 2 Air Hawks and Cube Pirouette and Sky Dancer.
  2. berry1

    berry1 Guest

    Wish i could bring something but unfortunately im coming on the train Again lol :confused:amurai:.

    Or i could drop into Galactic and pick something up :confused:murf1:
  3. The Judge

    The Judge Guest

    Plain paper wrapping? I'll bring something for you
  4. gog

    gog Galactic Firework Enthusiast

    pyro meet 3rd dec

    room booked hope to see u all work permitting:icecream:
  5. supercarnigel

    supercarnigel Pyro-King Staff Member

    Nar dont worry about bringing anything, we only have 1 hour and I am sure we will end up with all sorts of bits and bobs, I am setting of a Legend as its the best underated firework out there.
  6. pyro_man

    pyro_man Galactic Firework Enthusiast

    wish i could make it i would of brought some lovley bits with me!
  7. DanTheMan

    DanTheMan Guest

    Ive just got back from the Chinese were all going too and can verify that the food is FANTASTIC!! So were all in for a great night, and thanks Mr. T for inviting me along, superrrrrb!!!
    Off to bed now all pyroed up.:becky:
  8. Pyromaniac

    Pyromaniac Super Moderator

    YEah - I've been there a few times myself - always left stuffed full with a belly full of fantastic food.

    I may be a little down on the night- it's my birthday the day before and it means I'm one more year closer to 50 :confused:hocked:
  9. supercarnigel

    supercarnigel Pyro-King Staff Member

    Interesting Paul I thought it was one more past 50 :)

    And yes we all leave the Chinese full apart from the Captain.
    (The Captain is Pauls son and he gives me a run for my money):peace:
  10. Pyromaniac

    Pyromaniac Super Moderator

    Yeah thanks Nigel - I'll be 47 thanks :croc:

    For info only - the Captain's only 12 :confused:kipping:
  11. supercarnigel

    supercarnigel Pyro-King Staff Member

    LOL yes the captain is only 12, I am a 14 its the numbers we use for how many dishes you can eat :) that Captain being only a 12 is a lightweight :)

    And how come the captain is not a member ?
  12. Pyromaniac

    Pyromaniac Super Moderator

    Um - cos he's only 12 ?
  13. supercarnigel

    supercarnigel Pyro-King Staff Member

    Didnt know there was an age limit ? or minimum age ?

    I reckon a limit may be a good idea though I vote for anyone 48 or older to be banned :)
  14. Pyromaniac

    Pyromaniac Super Moderator

    I agree, gives me just over a year before I'm banned :boxing:
  15. The Judge

    The Judge Guest

    I am now in posession of a couple of double break Vulcan rockets, think they're Geminis ( they've been rebranded so not sure).

    Is anyone else bringing any rockets or is it just me!?
  16. Anthony

    Anthony Galactic Firework Addict

    Age restrictions would be most unfair,leave things as they are,whoever suggested an age restriction and thinks it should apply is totally wrong-pyrolovers are of all ages and come in all ages(and I personally dont like killjoy ideas and spoilsport suggestions that could hurt or upset),this sucks of age discrimination in wanting to give members the push at 48,i'am most upset by such a notion. :(
  17. The Judge

    The Judge Guest

    I'm hoping, Anthony, that this is a marvellous piece of irony on your part.
  18. Anthony

    Anthony Galactic Firework Addict

    Well I dont want age restrictions,they are most upsetting and unnecessary why should pyromaniacs disappear and be forced out at 48?:confused:ad:
  19. Pyromaniac

    Pyromaniac Super Moderator

    Anthony, it's called humour my friend. :boink:
  20. Pyromaniac

    Pyromaniac Super Moderator

    Every rocket/ pack of rockets I have you seem to already have in your possesion lol.
  21. The Judge

    The Judge Guest

    Anthony, tell me your'e not serious!
  22. Anthony

    Anthony Galactic Firework Addict

    I didnt realise it was a joke:bolt:
  23. tillman

    tillman Galactic Firework Enthusiast

    Judge, are there any rockets you're not bringing! Lol
  24. bladexm

    bladexm Guest

  25. Pyro Daddy

    Pyro Daddy Guest

    Must admit, still waiting for Anthony to say "haha fooled ya!"
  26. The Judge

    The Judge Guest

    Turns out I'm out of mambas, blue pioneers and black Geminis! So the mid range is limited at the mo to the titans, space invaders, air hawks so any others welcomed! think I've got the top end covered though with 4", king whoppa, Vulcan double break, a superior and one of the kingdoms!
  27. supercarnigel

    supercarnigel Pyro-King Staff Member


    I am 45 so only got 3 years left of being a pyro fanatic, but I hope that will never stop me from still being able to babble on and on.

    But for the first time in my 45 years I am seriously lost for words....................... I am sat here puzzled wondering if you are being serious Anthony ?

    Are you ?????????????? I really dont know ????????????? do you think at 48 we will oust any members ??????

    I am having visions of the life of brian scense where no women where allowed at the stoning. We will have a pyro meet with something similar going off and anyone 50+ will come wearing trainers with ear pierced talking hip.

    :mmph: :mmph: :mmph: :mmph:
  28. The Judge

    The Judge Guest

    "stones sir?"
    "nah they've got them up there lying around on the ground"
    "not like this sir, look at that, feel the quality that's craftsmanship"
    "oh alright.... Two points, two flats and a packet of gravel"
    "should be a good one this afternoon, local boy"....,.

    "Mathias son of Deuteronomy of Gath"
    "do I say yes... Yes"
    "you have been found guilty of uttering the name of our lord and so as a BLASPHEMER, you are to be stoned to death"
    "look I'd had a lovely supper and all I said to my wife was 'that piece of halibut was good enough for Jehovah'"

    Plan B, can one of the pyro prizes be for Life of Brian knowledge!???

    And, yes, he is totally stone cold 100% serious!
  29. James

    James Administrator Staff Member

    :D:D this post makes me want to make an archive section :) this needs to be preserved!!
  30. Pyro Daddy

    Pyro Daddy Guest

    Great idea.
    Although im not likely to forget this anytime soon.
    Will be telling my grandkids about this, when i get some.
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