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Opening Firework

Discussion in 'Let's Talk Fireworks!' started by Johnny Firecracker, Oct 23, 2018.

  1. Johnny Firecracker

    Johnny Firecracker Galactic Firework Addict

    So guys what firework you going to start your display with out of your stash.

    Think I’m going to use a Dum Bum fan and a few War Hawks just to let people know it’s starting lol.
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  2. martywolfman

    martywolfman Galactic Firework Addict Competition Meet 2018 Champion

    well, since 97% of your stash is Dumbums itwould be hard to avoid :p
  3. Krony

    Krony Galactic Firework Addict Competition Meet 2018 Champion

    Mines, lots of mines......well only 5 actually, a couple of 1.5" strobe mines followed by a couple of 2" comet mines then the 3" silver glitter mine.
  4. Arnside Fireworks

    Arnside Fireworks Galactic Fireworks Forum Member

    Still trying to decide!
  5. Jinn Kyja

    Jinn Kyja Super Moderator Competition Meet 2018 Champion

    Splitter for 100 years of remembering some war or summat
    Silver Cyclone Dragon for 1 mins silence for the deaded
    3x Pyramid Fountains mounted on a spinny frame

    And that's about as far as my list has got this year, I'm struggling a bit lol.
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  6. pyrojim

    pyrojim Galactic Firework Addict

    Started my display this year with a Raging Spiders

    Audience think it's a nice little fountain...………..most of us know the rest


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