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Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Jinn Kyja, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. martywolfman

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    Plenty of space for rocket motors to be attached - 3-4 on each side should be effective, fired in sequence.

    The device appears to add an extra dimenions of fanning to the cakes too :)
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  2. BrocadeKnight

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    Crazy Susan still not fired. :-(
    It's the only thing here with me.
  3. Jinn Kyja

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    Only £3 off the 600mm pictured (£22), or a fiver off the 900mm (£30) - so maybe not so much of a bargain, and may be cheaper elsewhere.
    Posting because the bloke building my fence says it's the best tool he's ever bought, and he's not even a proper midget.

    I've not tried it myself because of its low 150Kg weight limit, and I'm scared of heights.

    12% Off - 600mm Work Platform £22 @ Screwfix
    14% Off - 900mm Work Platform £30 @ Screwfix
    [EDIT: a quick google says the price is ok, so don't ban me for spamming non-bargains, pls.]
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  4. Jinn Kyja

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    Halfords ball bearing box. For your ball bearing collection?
    £50 in Clearance, a whopping £90 off so I thought I'd post it, despite not having any balls of my own.

    Don't know owt about it but I reckon one or two of you have cars and or tools and might fancy it.
    There are other offers on the same page but I think the best bargains are this ^ or the black trolley type for £165, down from £450.
    Again, I know nowt and doubt it's worth four-fiddy but that's what bargains are all about innit.


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