New Rocket Rack

Discussion in 'The Workshop' started by Krony, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. Krony

    Krony Galactic Firework Addict Competition Meet 2018 Champion

    Not quite finished yet, needs some stays fixing on and a lick of paint.
    Made out of 40mm box section steel.

  2. Jinn Kyja

    Jinn Kyja Super Moderator Competition Meet 2018 Champion

    You'll need that stool for reloading, I reckon...gonna be tricky doing it 'live'.

    Pretty sure I've seen this rack before, on the back of a Toyata pick-up in some desert somewhere?
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  3. Krony

    Krony Galactic Firework Addict Competition Meet 2018 Champion

    Haha, original plan was to just stick it in the ground which would lower it a bit but gonna make some folding legs now.
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  4. Kamikersie

    Kamikersie New Member of the Galactic Forum


    Nice work :D
  5. Pyromaniac

    Pyromaniac Super Moderator

  6. PyroBoris

    PyroBoris Galactic Firework Addict

    that's a hardcore rack!!
  7. pyro crazy

    pyro crazy Guest

    That's a rack and half :) like it
  8. ajsreeve

    ajsreeve Galactic Firework Enthusiast

    Hey Krony. I am building a rocket rack at the moment. Do you or does anyone else ever have any problems with pre ignition of other rockets from a rack?
    Say for example you wanted to pre load two volleys of rockets but only send one volley up... What precautions would you take to prevent a mis-fire, if any?
  9. phillc055

    phillc055 Galactic Staff Staff Member

    id get it weighed in krony get a twin pack of warhawks with the weight of that beast :p
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  10. Pyromaniac

    Pyromaniac Super Moderator

    Why not leave the fuse covers on the volley you dont want to send up?
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  11. pyrojim

    pyrojim Galactic Firework Addict

    Looking good m8
  12. Anthony

    Anthony Galactic Firework Addict

    Brilliant effort ;)
  13. ajsreeve

    ajsreeve Galactic Firework Enthusiast

    Thanks Pyromaniac. Thats a good idea and very simple! Didn't think of that! Although I forgot to mention I am planning to use quick match to fuse my volleys together. Perhaps tin foil is the solution?!
    Either that or scrap the QM and just loosen the fuse covers I guess.

    The rack is looking great btw Krony!
  14. walker1104

    walker1104 Galactic Firework Enthusiast

    Yeah, quick match will quite easily cross take from the flame produced as the rockets lift! Tin foil should work, and is how I do it :) just make sure its well wrapped and hope for the best lol!

    Nice looking rack Krony, looks more substantial and sophisticated than mine!
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  15. Krony

    Krony Galactic Firework Addict Competition Meet 2018 Champion

    New rack i acquired a couple of weeks ago, think his name was Dean who made it but not sure if he is on the forum ?

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