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Musical Fireworks

Discussion in 'Display / Firing Evening Reviews' started by Spyro, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. Spyro

    Spyro Galactic Firework Enthusiast


    We do quite a few musical displays and competitions throughout the year and it's not always easy to come up with fresh ideas for the actual music.

    What makes a good piece of fireworks music?? What would you like to see used in a display?

    All ideas welcomed!

  2. Anthony

    Anthony Galactic Firework Addict

    Katy perry firework
    def leppard rocket
    siouxie and the banshees fireworks
    eltonjohn rocketman
    The prodigy firestarter
    Billyjoel we didnt start the fire
    Tchaikovsky 1812 overture:)
  3. Top Gun Tony

    Top Gun Tony Galactic Firework Guru

    Too be totally honest Stuart i prefer no music at all. Fact.
  4. Pyro Daddy

    Pyro Daddy Guest

    A lot of kids get frightened by pyro so i always thought about throwing in a kids tv theme tune, Bob the builder, Waybuloo etc. Gives them something they know and recognise. Also most of the theme tunes are fairly simple and easy to time to. Most of the parents will recognise it too.
    Depends on your audience i suppose.
  5. The Judge

    The Judge Guest

    Any AC/DC but especially For Those About to Rock (Fire!!). Great gradual build up of sound and perfect finale. I designed a show for it, though it didn't go exactly to plan!
  6. Spyro

    Spyro Galactic Firework Enthusiast

    in a similar vein Judge I have looked at Shoot to Thrill by AC/DC and also a few Iron Maiden tracks... might make an appearance in our shows later this year!!
  7. The Judge

    The Judge Guest

    "Pull the trigger"
  8. john20000

    john20000 Galactic Firework Enthusiast

    pornograffitti by Extreme..
  9. supercarnigel

    supercarnigel Pyro-King Staff Member

    Annies Song - John Denver
  10. Anthony

    Anthony Galactic Firework Addict

    It would have to be a gentle display affair to that tune;coloured stars/comets/falling leaves/willows/glitter/brocade horsetail effects and fireworks that are not too noisy but are of stunning visual beauty as the song is fairly restful and rather pleasant. Annie's Song wouldn't suit a display of all out noisy colour at all. :confused:unflower:
  11. Setämies

    Setämies New Member of the Galactic Forum

    Hi Stu,

    I am also on a constant lookout for good fireworks music, have been for years. My conclusion: a very small fraction of music of all genres (say 1 % max) really fits fireworks. It has to be rhythmical, emotionally uplifting, with good inner dynamics and drama (at least one slow part is good for a nice contrast) etc.

    Here are my latest finds, which I used both on NYE and last weekend in a public pyromusical display:

    The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Hooked on a Can Can

    This is a real charmer for audiences of all ages, fits well with carnivalistic type fireworks. Basically ageless.

    Gangnam Style Party Trance Remix

    This is a good piece for high energy / explosive / sexy / aggressive style number. Usable only for limited time of course as the big hit is already wearing out.

    Army of Lovers - Let the Sunshine In

    Excellent disco remake of a well-known hippie tune from musical Hair, lots of uplifting feeling for finale type use. I have finished my two last shows with this one, using lots of gold in various forms (horsetails, mines, shells) in the refrain parts as the sunshine theme suggests. Repeated refrains at the end allow a great build-up in intensity towards the final shots.

    Within a week or so I should have good video available from these three numbers to get a better idea of the possibilities.

    Some great classical waltzes that I have found fitting for fireworks:

    Dmitri Shostakovich: Waltz #2 (Andre Rieu's version is good)
    Dmitri Sviridov: Waltz from Metel
    Aram Khachaturian: Waltz from Masquerade

    The girl group Bond has also a couple of great pieces for high-energy numbers: Winter and Allegretto.


  12. Pyro Daddy

    Pyro Daddy Guest

    A version of Beethovens Fifth i like, which i think would sound good in a pyro musical.


    It's got SOUL brother!
  13. Pyro Daddy

    Pyro Daddy Guest

    Oh and of course.....

  14. Spyro

    Spyro Galactic Firework Enthusiast

    we're going a little more up to date on our next musical display...


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