Mr Celtic Tribute, Happy Clap Combined

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    I thought it would be nice to see Mr Celtic off with one of his great pieces, and Galactic got it delivered to me the next working day (after a lie in over the weekend, hehe)...thanks chaps!
    Sorry I was still in bed when you called, it's a recognised sleep disorder, not just a trap for niave delivery men, honest.

    And big thanks to @Bandit for one of the daytime packs

    I fired
    3 x Thunder Rockets
    2x Diamond Delight from the Fiesta Flyer daytime pack
    2x Spinning Whirlwind from Fiesta Flyer (order may be switched, I can check if anyone is bothered)
    1x Bulldog Daybreak fan
    1x Celtic Big Loud White Fan (I forget the numbers, sorry)

    Rather than fire at 9pm on the Weds I thought it best to combine mine with the weekly Happy Clap for R NHS.

    As usual there were some hiccups, so the video is plop - I just couldn't get it to unzoom! Sorry!

    Don't panic!!! S filmed it too!

    (Pyro starts 1 min in, but you'll have to take my word for it...highlight is 2.35)
    Stay Home, Stay Safe.

    I'm happy with how my VERY FIRST leccy-fired 'show' went, and was actually quite surprised it worked, after I extended my aerial too swiftly and the whole thing pulled out.
    For this one I would have actually liked more gaps, for silent drifting smoke - but I was behind time...there's always something, isn't there?

    Watch 2, get 1 free Aftermath Footage

    The 2 min Happy Clap had finished by then, so I'm claiming all the applause, hehe
    "Please don't do that again" is about as rude as the moans get around here, it seems.
    And I'm ok with that.

    This is just so anyone with Daytimes can see how much debris there is and how wide it disperses.
    This is from a pair, and I didn't think it was that bad TBH, they're nice strong streamers so pick up easily.

    Bonus Jinn Kyja Top Tip: Don't use the big bags you get with your big Celtics for big fanned pieces.
    The gaps between the tubes means you're left with pieces that are too big to ignore on cleanup, and y'know, plastic is bad now.
    The Fiesta Flyer pieces were pallet wrapped with zero (visible) mess afterwards, apart from the barrow full of streamers, obviously.
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