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Discussion in 'The Workshop' started by Simon Weir, Aug 19, 2017.

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    I have made 6 x mine boards (single shot). Each board has a row of 6 x 15m (14g/30mm) mines and a row of 5 x 40m (34g/50mm) mines. Each board is 1.5m long of new treated scaffold board with 11 x heavy duty angle brackets 150x90x63 screwed to the board. All mines are both gaffa taped and also double zip tied. As you can see they are waterproofed and ready for their maiden use.

    The boards have been created to fire an opening sweep of medium 15m mines in a z pattern across a football pitch (6 x scripted sweeps left to right ... right to left ... left to right etc) with 0.4 sec delay between each mine to start my display. It will be over in 14 secs but should get the audiences attention to focus on the display. All 36 x 15m mines are individually cued to 3 x RhinoFire Step13 firework sequencers with the 37th Cue firing a huge peacock fan cake.

    To finish the display I will fire all boards (30 x large 40m mines) off a single cue using a BlasterOne BB75 high voltage blasting machine to create a wall of gold brocade as a closing curtain across the football pitch.

    I will post the video Monday 6th Nov and can be contacted via Nigel or Harry should anyone have use of these boards once I am done with them.
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    Selling Cat 4 on a dedicated Cat 2/3 forum? Hmmm...

    I'm sure that as Mod I'm supposed to do something about this but I'm at a loss as to what...Please imagine me shaking my head and saying "tut-tut".
    In return, I will imagine that you included the words "...provided you have a fully licensed store and carry all relevant insurance etc etc"...

    P.S. I've always fancied a few scaffolding boards with wheels on one end - bang on some wheels that still allow the board to sit flat and I'll get my people to talk to your people.
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    All reference to breaching forum rules removed.
    Wheels now there is a great idea ... which fold up. I'll speak to the DIY guru Brocade Knight (bk).
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