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Just Who Is Shadow?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Shadow, Sep 18, 2018.

  1. Shadow

    Shadow Galactic Firework Enthusiast

    Hi everyone!

    I imagine you're here because you're asking yourself, who is this chatty person in the shoutbox that's always up late? Well read on and find out! I've been here for a little while but never properly introduced myself.

    The short story, I'm a crazy pyro who likes talking about pyro things, doing pyro things and watching pyro things. Not specifically in that order, but probably all of them too much, especially watching.

    The long story - I was born and grew up in Germany for the first few years, with my dad and grandad doing new years firework shows. I was hooked at the time, but then whilst still young we moved to the "arctic circle" that is the highlands of Scotland. We did get around to buying a small pack here and there for either bonfire night or new years, but weather often prevented our beach firework sessions, and if not that it was the tides. Then came a long many years without fireworks altogether, until I finished with University and got back into the new year shows myself, with a bigger budget. This was partially to seeing some harbour shows in Canada when visiting the Mrs, before we lived together. However as the years went on, some family moved back to Germany, some stayed put and I ended up being whisked away to the east coast of Canada by the Mrs (who is Canadian) and have now been here for a few years - this is also why I tend to be around later in the day since it's a different time zone. That's why I know things about German, British and Canadian consumer fireworks (or at least I like to think I know stuff about them, hah).

    But if you're in Canada, why are you interested in Galactic!? Well I'm glad you ask, I've become so accustomed to the pyro on offer in the UK and have family there that needs visiting when possible. If you add those together you get pyro spectacle on the beach when family is visited - and where better to order pyro from than Galactic. Now don't get me wrong there are some lovely pieces here in the west and I've done a few shows, but there are some very different limitations. 1.4G only, 300g limit in fountains and cakes and worst of all no rockets. These are things I grew up with and became accustomed to, and Scotland will probably always feel like home for that matter. That and there's just no replacement for nice rockets.

    The beach shows are always an interesting mash up too. The Mrs loves salutes and whistles and brocades. However one family member has bad tinnitus so can't have whistles and another doesn't like pure sound effects (such as salutes). Usually means there's a noisy "pre-show" and lots of willows/brocades.

    I think that about covers it and I've rambled enough. So far it's been nice to "meet" many people, talk about pyro and learn a thing or two (or help out other times). There's definitely some unique personalities around here, in a good way of course.

    ~ Shadow
  2. Krony

    Krony Galactic Firework Addict Competition Meet 2018 Champion

    Welcome Mr Shadow and what a nice little story.
  3. martywolfman

    martywolfman Galactic Firework Addict Competition Meet 2018 Champion

    Ahh, I thought you lived in Scotland now. So you're even more arctic than I realised! hehe
  4. Fleascool

    Fleascool Galactic Firework Addict

    Officially, Hi Shadow.
    Next time I'm Nova Scotia I'll meet you for a Timmies.
  5. Geoff

    Geoff Galactic Firework Enthusiast


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