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Discussion in 'The Workshop' started by BrocadeKnight, Oct 22, 2016.

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    Hopefully this is an end to my endless rack building antics! Introducing my new flat pack racks...!

    2016 Cake Rack 1.jpg 2016 Cake Rack 2.jpg 2016 Cake Rack 3.jpg 2016 Cake Rack 4.jpg 2016 Cake Rack 5.jpg 2016 Cake Rack 6.jpg 2016 Cake Rack 7.jpg 2016 Cake Rack 8.jpg

    (With apologies to Simon and Krony and anyone else who may have enquired earlier in the year! I wouldn't have had any built before sale day and it'll be New Year before visiting Galactic again)

    I've built three of the big racks and one of the small. They can both be used to hold pretty much anything (small to medium cakes in multiples), as the brackets could go anywhere. Nov5th I'm using the big racks to fire 12 sets of 4 cakes. 48 cakes on 3 racks! That must be a record! But even better than that, it'll actually be 60 cakes on 3 racks, as one sequence is 4x 4 small coloured stars cakes. The smaller rack is obviously for the Funky Spunkys this year (and I have one more set lurking at Turver Towers, so it'll get used again), and feels a bit more solid (less span) for something as big and heavy as the Spunkys.

    They flat pack into a footprint no bigger than the outer panels and 85mm deep! Six layers of 11mm OSB plus 19mm from the 19x38mm strips screwed inside the side panels, with the one panel rotated when they flat pack. I wish I'd taken a picture of them collapsed, it's quite impressive. LOL

    They literally take a few minutes to screw together, now that I've got the method sorted.

    I was in two minds as always as to whether 11mm OSB was strong enough, but it always has been so far, and these are only really for small cakes in multiples.

    The brackets were the main cost!

    I'm looking forward to seeing them fully loaded in two weeks!!!
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    They look great mate.
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    Looks great wish I knew how to build this sort of stuff

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