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    Hello folks! I've received an order of fireworks today between 3.25 and 3.30 this afternoon of the following -

    Bright Star Mighty Box Of Fireworks (CE-F2 8 metres), fountains, roman candles and a small wheel NB some fountains crackle a little.

    Bright Star Wonderful Waterfalls Pack Of 2xFountains Victoria Falls Silver Fountain To Crackling Red Stars To Crackling Chrysanthemum, Niagara Falls Silver Fountain To Golden Flower With Blue Stars To Crackling Chrysanthemum (CE-F2 8 metres),

    Bright Star Tornado Strike Pack of 2x19-Shot Cakes (Whistles And Crackling Comets and Red White And Crackling Comets)a Hydrogen Bomb Colour Crackling Mine / Fountain combination (CE-F2 8 metres),

    Ultra Super Fountain Pack of 3 Volcanoes (CE-F2 firer distance 15 metres, spectator distance 25 metres?!?!, probably a labelling mistake in China because few other Ultra Fireworks are labelled this weird way, each produces a silver spray ending in silver crackles),

    Ultra Super Roman Candle Pack of 12 10-Shot Roman Candles producing red and green stars (CE-F2 8 metres),

    Bright Star Tri Colour Wheel Pack Of 2 Triangle Triple Effect Wheels (CE-F2 8 metres), white sparks to red, white sparks to green and titanium flower ending,

    Bright Star Stealth Command Single Shot Tubes Of 5xassorted effects, Whistle, Crackling Comet, Red Tail Burst To Red and Silver Glitter, Red Tail Burst To Purple And Green Glitter, Red Tail Burst To Silver Chrysanthemum (CE-F2 8 metres),

    Bright Star Star Busters Pack Of Single Shot Tubes Of assorted effects, Red Tail To Crackling Red Fish, Green Tail To Crackling Green Fish, Whistling To Crackle, Silver Crackling Whirl and Triple Tone Whistle (CE-F2 8 metres),

    Bright Star Galactic Battle Pack Of 19-Shot Cakes, Star Charger (Red White And Blue Pearls), Silver Salvo (Bright Silver Comets), Missile Attack (Whistles And Crackling Comets), Colour Blitz (Red And Green Pearls), Blue Batallion (Blue Comets) (CE-F2 8 metres).


    These will be set off on a night at the end of my NHS shielding lockdown ;) :)
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