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Commandos - DRD

Discussion in 'Old Fireworks' started by James, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. James

    James Administrator Staff Member



    Buy Online
    RRP: £24.99
    Type: Cake
    Duration: 53 Secs
    Shots: 36 Shots
    Fanned: No
    Classification: 1.4G
    Pyromeshed: No

    Description: Well what can I say about this firework ? If you want probably the best novelty firework in the uk then get this is the one to buy. It fires up 36 commandos that once reaching there maximum height open up there parachutes and float back down to earth. The fun we had with this firework was after the display when everyone was running round picking up little orange parachutes. Hope you can see from the video the parachutes floating back down to earth.

  2. moonrunner

    moonrunner New Member of the Galactic Forum

    A great novelty, but I've noticed with simialr effects that paracute failure can be annoying- in this instance it seems the flares just dive to earth (gravity and all that). I saw a similar one with smoke, and maybe one in 4 shots had total parachute failure and thus burning smoke effects dropping into an unplanted field. Not a massive problem if safety distances are followed. Lets hope people do.
  3. jamietje

    jamietje Galactic Fireworks Forum Member

    I love parachutes, but they are basicly not made here anymore.
    Also extreemly expensive if you do find them.
    So this is certainly a good deal.
    Enjoyed it very much
  4. cat 4

    cat 4 Galactic Firework Enthusiast

    had one of these last year off nigel for the kids and i must say it was great all opened up as they should. and i about 40 people around to watch the display and all kids and adult's loved it. so i will buy another this year if nigel as them.:D:D:D
  5. pyro mike

    pyro mike Galactic Firework Addict

    hmm, it looks okay, maybe a one to try............:nod:
  6. triple burst

    triple burst Galactic Firework Enthusiast

    would have to be fired on a big piece of open ground for me but still something different to all the other products out there

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