classic standard fireworks efx in fireworks of the 70s 80s and early 90s-miss them?

Discussion in 'Anthonys Thought of the Day' started by Anthony, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. Anthony

    Anthony Galactic Firework Addict

    I liked the many beautiful stunning and wonderful efx of the britishmade standard fireworks of the 70s 80s and early 90s before the chinese influence took over totally and changed the brand beyond recognition and blackcat got their grubby hands on the company in 1999 and cut off the traditions we had in good safe and exciting britishmade fireworks altogether.

    Standard are making a good attempt at going back to their roots and retro with the old company logo (and old style design/labels) on todays fireworks but the effects dont match the heritage of the original company and the british traditions of great british family fun that it stood for.

    I have spoke to Black Cat (standards owners) to try and get them to replicate, under Chinese manufacture, the colours and effects we used to get and enjoy (as kids of the 70s 80s and 90s used to know) but they dont seem interested nor do they reply on this.

    It would be nice if they could bring out a Standard Fireworks British Classics range based on all that they used to do to bs7114 part 2 1988 replicating British style efx under Chinese manufacture. I feel this would be good for fans of the old company and the joy it brought to millions.

    So over to you do you miss the old british made Standard Fireworks effects of yesteryear and wish they could return? ;)
  2. Pyro Daddy

    Pyro Daddy Galactic Firework Guru

    What are you suggesting i replace my modern, fanned & single ignition barrage with from the pre-90's?
  3. essex pyro

    essex pyro Galactic Firework Addict

    Sir Anthony :sparkler: fireworks are so much better now think you need to move on
  4. Anthony

    Anthony Galactic Firework Addict

    No martin not suggesting that at all!

    All I was saying Standard should introduce a separate range of British style fireworks that replicate the british hand made fireworks from Standards' existance in 1891 right up to the very last existance of British manufactured items in the mid 90s under Chinese manufacture before Standard went mainly Chinese and imported all chinese product which lead to Standard Fireworks PLC Crosland Hill Huddersfield West Yorkshire HD4 7AD being put up for sale and being bought out by chinese company Black Cat Fireworks of Tutbury, Fauld Ind. Estate Tutbury, Burton-Upon-Trent Staffordshire in 1999.

    If Standard brand could celebrate what it was famous for and bring back under Chinese manufacture a range based on the British items we once knew, it would bring back a bit of nostalgia for the fans of the old Standard Fireworks like myself who used to enjoy these products thru the years and have fun watching them and setting them off.

    Standard in its British years beat many other British manufactured brands when it came to quality and visual delight and splendour with beautiful colours/stunningly wonderful effects and superb sounds which delighted millions of kids for hundreds of years:-it's a real shame all that has been lost to Chinese influences and company takeover resulting in Standard only becoming a brandname on imports which bear nothing at all to James Greenhalgh the company founder indeed, his overall legacy, company values and products he started (and not forgetting of course, the quality British products the loyal british workers had produced at the factories in Huddersfield, Lepton, South Kirkby and South Elmsall).

    If he was still around today he would be disgusted at his companies' demise and change completely to cheap Chinese firework imports.
  5. Si7

    Si7 Galactic Firework Enthusiast

    Bring back TRAFFIC LIGHTS lol :)
  6. PyroBoris

    PyroBoris Galactic Firework Addict

    From a nostalgia perspective, am I allowed to say that they should bring back bangers and fireworks with erratic trajectories or even ground spinners etc?

    I think that for some/a lot of people that is something that is more synonymous with fireworks that have been lost from yesteryear.

    But I think the currently banned pyrotechnic articles dicussion has been done to death on fireworks forums :)

    I was born in 1983, and didn't really start indulging in fireworks till the late noughties, so I don't know what's been lost really...did they used to have big ass fountains and big ass wheels? If so, then I vote for a return of those :monocle:
  7. Anthony

    Anthony Galactic Firework Addict

    Standard had big fountain mines mortarmines shell in mortars aerial shell sets with mortars setpiece fountains big setpiece wheels and fountain/wheel combinations plus superb multishot candle batteries and fountain bouquets on stakes with lots of beautiful stunning display fireworks that would light up ANY occasion where the audience would be happy. They had quite an extensive range of products under british manufacture and some of these became the same under chinese manufacture then were gradually phased out. ;)
  8. Galactic Nigel

    Galactic Nigel Pyro-King Staff Member

    Firstly I am so pleased you put the full postal address of each company Sir Anthony :sparkler: :) that certainly helped and will allow me to sleep better tonight :)

    And you sound like someone who remembers things from the past like Im thinking how good my Datsun 100a was and the amazing day we got a video recorder ! it was like a miracle ! but do I want a comany to start remaking that car with its wind up windows dodgey heater ? and what about contacting Ferguson and saying make a nice new video recorder ? !! its silly talk Sir Anthony :sparkler: !! You know I love my old pyro to look at for nostalgia would I want to buy it now ? of course not things have moved on and got so much better !! thats the case with most things unfortunately !!

    Oh apart from like PB says be nice to have bangers and fireworks with erratic flight plus even shells as the public used to be able to buy but If I had a choice of having what we have now as a whole or then I would opt for what we have now thank you :)
  9. Anthony

    Anthony Galactic Firework Addict

    I think that although the Standard Fireworks of yesteryear were good, it should also be noted that uk made fireworks and the days of british factory manufacture are long gone and will never return. Side by side chinese standard fireworks vs british standard fireworks performing;although the british ones were pretty good for their time, the chinese ones outshine the british ones on performance effects and value-
    (a)chinese manufacture of Standard Fireworks is several times cheaper,
    (b)the cost over british made ones is cheaper pound for pound retail as well,
    (c)the performance is five times much better and louder and brighter than british made ones too. :):):)
  10. Pyro Daddy

    Pyro Daddy Galactic Firework Guru

    Yes people wants stuff from years ago, but not to use, just to look at!

    I really need to know why you put, not just one, but two! post codes in your reply???
  11. Anthony

    Anthony Galactic Firework Addict

    I wanted to show the full addresses of the companies however I will get rid of the second now ok? (done by the way) ;)
  12. pyro mike

    pyro mike Galactic Firework Addict

    yes we all loved bangers, but in my opinion they were more of a novelty pyro than out else,
    and yes Sir Anthony :sparkler:, we all like a bit of old pyro, I collected golden lion, until I fired most of it, it just had to be fired:D

    and if standard were still manufactured in the UK, could you imagine the price of it, probs double what you pay now,

    plus fireworks now are getting better, like RP70's are stunning, some of the best pieces of pyro I've had for sure,

    so old pyro doesn't bother me at all, plus Sir Anthony :sparkler:, you MUST be 100 year old like this guy:happykev: lol
  13. triple burst

    triple burst Galactic Firework Enthusiast

    :chinaman:I would pay a fortune for the old standard ariel box lol
  14. Pyro Daddy

    Pyro Daddy Galactic Firework Guru

    Would you fire it Wayne?
  15. triple burst

    triple burst Galactic Firework Enthusiast

    no martin,i would sleep with it and worship it ,never fire it :chinaman:
  16. Galactic Nigel

    Galactic Nigel Pyro-King Staff Member

    Sir Anthony :sparkler:
    do you have post codes of any other fireworks companies as I found these to be very interesting reads ?
  17. Pyromaniac

    Pyromaniac Super Moderator Staff Member

    I have no idea why anyone would want anything [pyro] from the 70s and 80's over what is on offer today. There is simply no comparison.

    Time to move on Sir Anthony :sparkler:. Great Britain is no longer the force it once was - you just have to accept that...Fireworks in the 70's were exciting because I was a kid, these days anything from that era would bore me senseless.

    Can anyone tell give me an example of a firework from that era which would be a 'best seller' in today's market?
  18. triple burst

    triple burst Galactic Firework Enthusiast

    airbomb,say no more

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