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Beautiful firework display.

Discussion in 'Display / Firing Evening Reviews' started by JAMES MARK TRINITY, Mar 24, 2012.


    JAMES MARK TRINITY New Member of the Galactic Forum

    Hi! guys!

    Nice to meet everyone here, so how is everyone doing out there? i've got some firework to display here, check it out! hope everyone love it, & enjoy watching.


    METALION Galactic Fireworks Forum Member

    So heavily edited its awkward to watch :bigcrying:
  3. Pyro Daddy

    Pyro Daddy Guest

    Got to agree with that. :(
  4. supercarnigel

    supercarnigel Pyro-King Staff Member

    very strange indeed JMT ?

    Its almost like youre just showing off a load of shells, I didnt like the flicking from one screen to the other but apart from that great stuff !
  5. Masterchief

    Masterchief New Member of the Galactic Forum

    Got bored after 30s

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