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    Hi all,

    I've created a Facebook group that may be of interest -

    The page has been created to celebrate the great British tradition of firework use and to promote safety and good practice when using fireworks.
    This is a firework-positive alliance of those who work with fireworks professionally and those who use fireworks to celebrate bonfire night in their gardens and at community events.
    We promote the sensible and responsible use of fireworks with the hope that this wonderful tradition will continue for many years to come.
    If you have any positive stories of firework use in the UK, please share them here.

    The aim is to counteract all the bullshit spouted by the firework abatement group and all the rubbish in the media that is clearly misinformation or lies (all of the ancient photos of horses that may or may not have been spooked by fireworks, people telling PTSD sufferers that they must help them ban fireworks and made up NHS statistics).
    I felt that every year there are so many negative articles written about fireworks and never any positive ones so I created this page. Feel free to share any good news stories about fireworks here.

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    I've joined it, my news feed is full of kill joys sigh. Decided to join loads of FB pages and groups lol ;)

    Have a good one fellow pyro


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