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Discussion in '3rd December Meet Up' started by Pyromaniac, Nov 17, 2011.

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  1. Pyromaniac

    Pyromaniac Super Moderator


    Can we just use this thread as an 'Attending' list only. Will need to know definate numbers so Nigel knows how many people to book for at the Chinese.

    Can still chit chat on the other thread but can I just get your names and what pyro you're bringing (if any) I'll edit this as we go along so all those attending will appear on one list and on one post...Thanks

    Those attending on the 3rd Dec are:

    Dan the Man (Heavy Duty x2)
    Anthony (Various TNT & Panda)
    The Judge - all rise (see next post)
    Goerge (gog)
    Monstu (Cube Molten Krypton, AF150 grand prix, and 3 x kimbolton Titan rockets)
    Jackie Moon
    Mrs Tricka
  2. The Judge

    The Judge Guest

    I'm attending and will bring a cube pirouette and sky dancer, a 4" ball head rocket, a sovereign king shell rocket, a couple of Vulcan double break rockets and a selection of other mid range rockets for a shoot off, including air hawk, venomous viper, blue pioneer, possibly a mamba. Why not request others to bring any other similar so we can have the ultimate fly off? Big rockets too to compete with mine? If necessary I could bring a kingdom King size too!
  3. supercarnigel

    supercarnigel Pyro-King Staff Member

    No Importers / Suppliers

    They will just babble on about there own products only.
  4. supercarnigel

    supercarnigel Pyro-King Staff Member

    OK so this is now what happenig as best as I can describe it.

    You can get to my house anytime on the Saturday from lets say 2pm onwards.
    Cliff Hill Farm, Dunstan Road, Maltby, S66 8BS (top of steep hill behind electric gates) If you are stopping at one of the hotels and intend to be drinking just give me a call on 07966 110969 and I will get Jake to come pick you up as the hotels are only just up the road, plus it stops cars being at my house.

    We will be setting off bits and bobs of fireworks that I have got or been given at around 5:30pm for about 1 hour.

    Then its off to the Chinese, once again dont worry about driving. One way or another we will get you there and back.
    The Chinese is amazingly good and is of highest quality. I have arranged for an assortment of food to be laid on Mixed starters, then Crisy Duck then main course of Prawns Chicken Beef etc plus rice noodles and chips) so there is no messing about picking and choosing your own.
    I do over order so there should be plenty to go round, I have sorted the food bill out but so all you will have to pay for is your own drinks as you have them.

    Then I reckon we stay there till about 10:30 ish. Those going home we will say good night too and those staying we will get back to Hellaby Hotel for maybe a couple more hours of chatting.

    The next day I thought Barbecue lunch but think it would be better for everyone if we made it a barbecue breakfast lunch. I say this as we might as well meet up again at my house anytime after 10:30am but before 12 noon if you want food. Those staying at the hotel can drive down or if you are on the train like Anthony I can get you picked up or come down with someone else. I will do the barbecue for 12 - 12:30 ish so a late breakfast early lunch. You can go home whenever you want but if theres enough of us wanting to play we could have a game of poker at around 4pm ish.

    Now can I add I havent done anything as yet for prizes or comps so I hope I do think of something by Saturday. I'm sure I will.

    See you all Saturday anytime after 2pm.
  5. pyrojim

    pyrojim Galactic Firework Addict

    just like to say

    have a wonderful time


    i will be at work:rant:confused:o enjoy and have a beer 4 me

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