2020 Finale Options?

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    2020 Finale Options
    Each year we come up with a new and exciting way to create the ultimate finale so here we are in 2020 to find the most spectacular, sky filling ending we can.

    If we look back in the past there has been many a contender for the crown. In 2005 it was Fireworks International 'Tigers Revenge' 2010 is was Royal Party's Crown Jewels, 2015 Fireworks Crazy hit the scene and very recently our very own Weapon G became the one to beat.


    So we hear you questioning, Where has weapon G gone? and Why can't it keep the title?

    Earlier in the year, we had a call from manufacturer to give us the disappointing news that they can no longer produce the firework as it once was, effects would be duller and bursts would be smaller. With a heavy heart, we took the decision to no longer stock it. We weren't prepared to sell 'Weapon G' if it wasn't the mighty firework it once was.

    With fireworks only getting better and competition getting stiffer we set out on a mission to create not just one, but 2 monster barrages. With huge sky filling effects and some of the loudest bursts we have heard, we knew they were going to be special. So what's the end result?

    Ladies and Gentleman we bring to you...



    A pair of max weight, max size, multi firing mighty barrages with premium quality effects and colours. As a single firework, these two are phenomenal however if you're after a truly jaw-dropping finale then view our triple packs. 3 of your favourite flavour fired all at once leaving you and your audience in absolute awe!

    Check out our listings below -

    King Kong Single £69.99 Each

    Godzilla Single £69.99 Each

    King Kong vs Godzilla £59.99 Each

    King Kong Triple Pack £49.99 Each!

    Godzilla Triple Pack £49.99 Each!

    Alternate Finale choices:

    Display around £300 - Heavy Hitter or Shockwave

    Display around £500 - Its Showtime or Newtons Cradle

    Display around £800 - Kong/Godzilla x 3 or Hell Boy

    Display up to £1200 - Mr Galactics Finale Piece

    Display £1200+ Give us a call and let's discuss.

    Question is, what do you reckon is the best finale for 2020?
    What was the best finale you have done in the past?

    Interested to hear your thoughts here :thumb2:
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    2019 Finale
    1 OMG middle, 2 Thunderbolt and Lightning outer, 3 Furious Angels spread between

    2020 Finale
    Then into
    1 King Kong (left) 1 Godzilla (middle) 1 King Kong (right) and 4 Furious Angels across the front.

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