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    I might seriously live to regret this, for having to rebuild stuff for myself again, but if there is any interest from forum folks to buy the last lot of racks I built, I've posted a video below. If this is OK with Galactic, of course. I won't be offended if not.
    If there is any interest I'll consider selling them. I suppose it might make more sense to me if one way or another I can sell the lot rather than some. But that doesn't have to mean all to one person.
    Every single rack has only had one use.

    Large 3-way and 4-way Racks
    £30 each or all 4 for £100

    The first 4 racks you see:
    Are all approx 80cm x 40cm overall
    1x 4-way rack for upto 8 small/medium cakes (upto 19cm x 19cm approx), 20 and 8 degrees left and right (4-way example at 03:24 in video below, 3x 4-way finale at 04:16)
    3x 3-way racks for upto 70s Diamonds/Sapphires size cakes
    (shelves approx 38cm x 26cm if I recall. 70s are 36cm x 23cm by galactic site)
    - 1 rack 15 degrees left&right and centre (02:59 below)
    - 1 rack 8 degrees left&right and centre, (04:16 below)
    - 1 rack 20 degrees left&right and centre, (04:16 below)
    The last two probably need to sell as a pair, to create a 4-way fan for large cakes, and because the straight+8* rack might not be of too much artistic use sold in isolation.

    IF you wanted to secure cakes, you'd have to figure out how. I didn't and nothing moved anywhere. I used Galactic's 61s hexagonal cakes, on the larger shelf racks, and once you get to something of that size and weight, on a flat surface, and in fact nestled into a 'V' upon these boards, unless they blow up, they can't move. And if a cake blows up, nothing's gonna stop it. For the 2x 4-way rack, where smaller cakes were used, i snapped a matching size piece of OSB to the same size as each shelf and gorilla glued 2 cakes to each, and they didn't go anywhere either.

    I don't keep trying to show off this video, honest!

    Funky Spunky-ish Racks 4-way (2x 2-way) £40 (for both)
    The next two racks in the first video were built to fit 4x Funky Spunkys, so are about 30cm square in what they can hold. Any cakes approximately the right size cannot tip over once in the rack, as they are effectively boxed in. (03:28 in the video below)

    15* L, C, R 3-way 19s and medium sized cake Racks £30 each
    The last two racks fit 3x 19shot cakes and 3x approx 30cm x 20cm. Again, any suitable sized cakes cannot tip over once slid into the racks. (02:51 and 06:57 below)

    Job Lot
    I suppose if somebody fancied the lot I could entertain £175 ono. It's the damn time they took to make!
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    nice rack Mr knight
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    Original post updated with details and prices.

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