1. Mini Meet Saturday 1st May, details on the events page
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Nov 19, 2020
Sep 25, 2012
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Galactic Firework Addict

What thread? Nov 2, 2014

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Nov 19, 2020
    1. Steve H
      Steve H
      Cause am a motherfuckin p.i.m.p!
    2. Jinn Kyja
      Jinn Kyja
      Pimp you handsome young man (pimp), I may have F'd up, again - it isn't the Hasbro Target Exclusive BB 8 my bro wants, it's the Sphero model that costs $150.
      No idea where to get it so maybe best if you forget it. Sorry for the confusion.
    3. Pyropimp
      What thread?
    4. Pyro Daddy
      Pyro Daddy
      Deleted the other thread, presuming thats ok?
    5. Anthony
      Please don't let it happen mate.
    6. Jinn Kyja
      Jinn Kyja
      Nigel just confirmed the Godfather Set info:
      1st cake is Napalm
      2nd PS1
      3rd is Real Steel
      But all new CE versions.
      Is firing Sat, so will see soon!
    7. Jinn Kyja
      Jinn Kyja
      1. Pyropimp likes this.
    8. Jinn Kyja
      Jinn Kyja
      Would be honored to sponsor your marathon attempt(!), but I need to recover from the weekend first.
      No, I'm nor prepared to imagine how you'll feel, that's the whole point of paying somebody else. And that's where I need to recover.
      You get plus points for not picking a fun activity, BTW, so pick a decent cake and I'll bring it to the meet [winky-smiley]
      1. Pyropimp likes this.
      2. Pyropimp
        Thanks Jinn.
        Aug 11, 2014
    9. Jinn Kyja
      Jinn Kyja
      Hello Mr Pyropimp Sir,
      If you're still up for swapping those half-cases I've arranged for the Mrs to take me down on Saturday.
      It was straight halves, but with you getting the extra Candle Battery, wasn't it?

      No worries if you've changed your mind, but could you let me know either way, please?

      EDIT: Made the swap today, if you had changed your mind I can always bring them back.
      1. Pyropimp
        Thank goodness for that, I hope you had a nice day on Saturday - I was on holiday sorry.
        Jun 3, 2014
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