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Aug 4, 2018
Nov 4, 2016
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Mar 20, 1976 (Age: 42)

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Geoff Gostage

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Aug 4, 2018
    1. Simon Weir
      Simon Weir
      It took all my self control not to include your Spreads in my NYE 'back garden' display. I have decided to use single shots & mines (all F4 inc 2xCC309). I also have an old Sovereign 90 shot Rainbow (c1700g NEQ) which will fill the sky with lovely crosettes as the 20 sec finale. I Hope your display goes well and see you at the next meet so I can finally hand these to you and remove any temptation.
    2. Simon Weir
      Simon Weir
      Geoff Gostage The No1 Galactic Customer. (gg), I still have 2 x Royal Party Spread (prepped & wrapped but no outer box) if you want them. I can bring to the Chinese 9th Dec. If not I will use this NYE. Please let me know.
      1. Geoff Gostage
        Geoff Gostage
        That’s a big yes please from me Mr Weir you gorgeous man you :)
        Nov 24, 2017
    3. martywolfman
      Midtown madness - unboxed, nigel used the box for display

      2 x Real steel


      Cosmic Trail Blazer

      Star Jigsaw:
      2 x Missile Mayhem
      Alien attck
      Strike back

      AF Oceans 3 set

      Celtic Bring It On

      I think that's it :)
    4. martywolfman
      Hi mate, here's what I've got:

      5 Universal attack rockets
      3 War hawk
      Celtic Champagne Fizz

      Big cube attack candles:
      1 oozy attack
      8 mortar attack
      3 bazooka attack
      1 Ballistic attaack

      (I reckon these would be great turned into one big fanned piece )

      3 cube mines:
      2 Mine of diamonds
      1 mine of Ice

      Power station 1 (unwrapped - part of one of those 3 piece cakes)

    5. JackRollsy
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    Mar 20, 1976 (Age: 42)